I am pleased to recommend Catherine as a piano teacher for all ages. Personally, I am well into retirement, but know that she has successfully taught children of all ages too.  (She has made me wish I had studied piano when I was a kid, instead of having to take tap-dance lessons!)  I am grateful for Catherine's never-ending patience, her deep skill and knowledge of music, and her flair for demonstrating and explaining new concepts.  After only a few months of lessons, I find too that my appreciation of all music has grown considerably, so I owe Catherine yet another debt of thanks.
R. Brown

Catherine was my first private piano teacher. She was very encouraging and helpful to my brother and me.  We became her most advanced students at that time. We loved to play in her recitals, which gave us defined goals and motivation to build and polish the skills which she taught us. The musical foundation which she laid down for me still serves me well.  Since then, I have chosen to pursue a career in vocal performance, which was made immensely easier because of my background of studying piano with Catherine.
A. Kohler

I was Catherine’s first piano student, and she started teaching me to play the piano when I was in second grade. I completed 6 or 7 years of piano with her, and I am very glad I learned to play. She was encouraging and patient. She also taught me how to play the flute before I was able to join the grade school band. I am thankful to have had the background I did, at a young age, because it helped me to be successful with my music all the way through high school. Having that foundation in music helped in choir as well. I competed in many solo and ensemble competitions, and she helped me with my piano pieces there. She also accompanied on piano with some of my flute ensemble performances. I enjoyed playing in her recitals and getting to show my piano and flute skills as well as encouraging some of her other students. She also taught piano to my younger brother Philip, and my little sister Kelsey for a couple of years or so each. I am very grateful to have had such a great piano teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone.
V. Haut

Catherine is an excellent piano teacher, and the first one I had who took a specific interest in meeting me at my level. She saw where I was and where I could be, and challenged me to push myself. Over the course of five years, she took me all the way from Three Blind Mice to Clair De Lune with patience and encouragement. I looked forward to her weekly visits when I could show her what I had practiced. I love her like a grandma, and still look back fondly on those days.
D. Kohler