Who can learn?

I love working with people of all ages and I tailor my teaching to the individual personalities that I work with.  I like to make it fun and interesting  for each person of any age, and I give some little sticker rewards for good work for the children.  

What do I teach?

I believe music should be fun and for the enjoyment of the individual students. I teach the basics of music and give knowledge on everything that leads to expertise in the student's playing.  I help them choose a lovely song to play for the recital (or other performances) and try to make it the type of song that they want to play, whether it be classical or pops.

Methods & Music

I primarily use Bastien Piano Basics and sometimes use music from Alfred's piano basics, John Thompson's course, and John W. Schaum course.  I have had Piano recitals every year to show off the accomplishments of my students with a potluck afterward just for the fun of it and to award them their certificates.   In past years, I have directed Christmas programs starring both young children and teenagers in which they showed off their playing and singing skills.

Over the years, I have mentored some of my piano students into singing in school choirs, taking band instruments in school bands (flute, saxophone, guitar and violin) to enhance their music knowledge and enjoyment in performing both in piano and in those instruments they choose. 

How much does it cost?

Each student, family, and learning level is different, so I tailor my rates to meet the needs of the individual or the entire family. Most lessons are provided at my house, although I can also provide lessons at your house.  Please call or contact me and tell me what  you are looking for--my rates are very reasonable and usually affordable for everyone!